Problem statement for weight lost

To be precise, we can categorise into following problems and challenges when comes to weight loss.

  • Born fat / Genetic
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Time
  • Money

Today I am going to share with you about genetic.

I borned fat, I have big size family members, all my siblings are fat.  Yes, we acknowledge that, and since we are not able to change the fact, we accept that fact and move on please.

The rest of the problems are chicken and egg. We know that we have to do exercise, that’s why in school, we have physical education class scheduled in the syllabus. As we grow older, we do not take it seriously anymore, we do not plan that into our syllabus not because it is not important enough, it just that we do not love ourselves enough.

We do not have money. No, weight lost does not cost you a penny. Do not signed up gym, don’t sign up any membership that make you lose weight, because no one can make you do that except yourself, not gym instructor, not a personal trainer. Do yoga at home, spend the money to eat healthier, and more choices. A bowl of homemade colourful salads with chicken is much cheaper than a boring burger with free chips.

Yes you heard me, try make your food plan interesting and colourful. you will love your food, because every meal is just a beautiful painting. It is okay if you do not like salads. Who likes uncooked food? I don’t like salads, then cook it and make your beautiful meal. If you think you don’t have time to get fresh ingredient because you have to work, wake up even earlier, or go to evening markets, or supermarkets who open till late. Every meal is a banquet, treasure every meal and say YES to quality life.









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