Slimming, diet plan, exercise, weight lost are just not for fat people!

Slimming and weight lost was a mystery for me. I was always think that these are the gimmicks for moderate size people trying to lose half inch of their belly, or being able to fit into their jeans better.

I was told that since I am fat, my body frame is big, and people with big frame are not encouraged to do exercise because it will hurt our angles and knees, and even backbones. I borned fat. I was told about this fact many many times, and over and over again, until I believe that I born fat. My mother told me that I borned 9Ibs, more than normal babies (around 7Ibs).

We do not have time for exercise. Life is busy, we work 12 hours a day, we have to work hard, nowadays to live moderately we have to work beyond we can imagine. People who do not work 12 hours also have to send kids to school, bring mother to supermarkets, running some errands and trust me, we really have no time.

Time is one. With the busy working life, we have no choice but to eat out, eating at local restaurants, with 80% of carbohydrate stuffed your plate; with busy working life, we have no choice but to eat with colleagues, business partners and classmates. Eating like a festive made our diet plan trash to the bin.

But recently, I learned that weight lost is just an app in your heart. install the app, and use it. You might be wondering how can you do it? big frame, genetically fat, busy schedule, work dedicatedly, and most important is, we do not have time.

Yes, I really have to share with you, that if you choose to do it, you can! if you put on the sportshoes to run, and change your fridge to store only healthy food, you can! more importantly, install the app in your heart to run it everyday. Say YES to yourself.IMG_3233.JPG






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