be your own cook and feel good

Remember the feeling when we going back to hometown, enjoy mother or grandma home-cook food? That’s one of the most happiest thing in life, because we feel belonging, we feel warmth, we feel love. As a urban working adult, slowly we lost this entirely and we only enjoy it like a 3D2n disneyland holiday. But come to think of it friends, can’t we cook our own food, enjoy the warmth everyday and treat yourself with the best food we familiar with and feeling love. Why not? First of all, if there’s a will there’s a way. I believe that there isn’t any recipes that we cannot find. I always trying to find a recipes online like finding a long lost friend.

To kick off, try think off a dish that you love to have when you back home, call home to ask for recipe, the achieve 5 beneficial effects, 1. foster better relationship with the recipe giver, 2. cook your own food so that you feel warmth and feel like a human again, 3. save money, 4. stay healthy and last but not least, save some money.

I remember my grandma used to cook fabulous soup. not the thick and creamy soup as we can find in restaurants here. but clear soup with a lot of nutrient fresh and dried ingredient. we name it herbal soup. Herbal soup is a figurative name to the clear soup like this. We can put in different type of fresh meat, poultry or fish, with dried or fresh vegetables and dried fruits, boil with slow fire on stove for hours, yes i mean hours. I find it like a good alarm clock when I am working beyond hours at home. Soup boiling takes 3 hours, and in 3 hours some works should be achieved, so at the end of 3 hours, I have double achievements (though they are just tiny achievements, but we have to acknowledge them to feel good).

But as an urban working adult, schedule is always full and rush. We do have alternative to 3 hours soup boiling, i.e. 15 mins soup. in our family, the 15mins soup is like a saviour to rush schedules. Same clear soup, but we only use fresh ingredients. I normally pre-cut the ingredients put them into containers over weekend, when the time comes when I have to decide what to cook. It can be same amount of time as required to cook a bowl of instant noodles. Trust me, it can be just that fast!

First, pour water into a saucepan and make it boil, while you looking for ingredients from the fridge. decide what to put in, the water is just start boiling, put in the ingredients, then you can go wash up after a tired day, after wash up, season the soup and viola! a delicious and healthy meal is ready. faster than you cook instant noodles or order a pizza, certainly faster than you eat out at local restaurants.

If you are the rice person, you may invest a timer or rice cooker with timer, make it cook around the time you are going home. If you have last minutes girls night out, no sweat, just keep the rice for next days. Please throw the idea of overnight rice will make you intoxicated. To me it’s just nonsense. try walk into a Michelin-5 star restaurant and ask for a fried rice, they will use overnight rice to cook the fried rice for you.