Home cook food

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a place you can find lotsa of recipes.


Prawn noodles is very common street food in Malaysia, originated from Penang, the small island up north. Prawn noodle is easy to make, as how often we had it before, we will be able to make even without a recipe. I made this myself. looking at the where it was originated, I assume that the most important is very fresh seafood, specifically prawn. everytime when I got very fresh prawn, I will do this.

First, put a lot of water into the pot, put in the separated prawn shells and heads to the boiling water, simmer for at least 30 minutes or as long as you are still not hungry. Meanwhile, find some vegetable from the fridge that may absorb the fishy and spicy soup very well, kangkong is typical, i tried broccoli, cauliflowers, bean sprout and even cabbage. Next, decide if you need carbo, or crave for meehoon. when the soup is ready, season with chili paste, and the put in vegetables and carbo, and last put in prawn flesh or other seafood, sometimes my body ask me to garnish it with hard boiled egg. it is just so easy!

Today when I was trimming the vegetables, I was wondering will the street hawkers trim the vegetables and wash like how I treat the vegetables? Cook your own food, you can be assure that the foods are safe. If you prepare food for family, make sure you love them.